FDA approved only three medical treatments for hair loss as of 2018.

These are:

1. Minoxidil (Rogaine®)
2. Finasteride (Propecia®)
3. Low Level Light Therapy

Dutasteride (Avodart®) which is similar to Finasteride has not been officially approved by the FDA for hair loss.

There are also interesting but controversial and less proven adjunctive therapies like A cell matrix therapy and Platelet Rich Plasma(PRP).

In terms of preserving existing native hair and obtaining maximum density in the future, it is important to use medical therapy. Medical therapy not only helps bringing back some lost hair but also slows down or stops future hair loss.

Medical therapy can affect surgical planning in several ways. When the response is so good, the patients decide not to have a surgery. Sometimes situation improves to a degree where less aggressive procedure is needed. In many cases, even if medical therapy is only minimally effective, any amount of regrowth can significantly improve the appearance of density in the hair transplanted areas.

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