The hair transplant post op process can be one of the most important factors in your decision to have a hair transplant. Therefore, before considering having a hair transplant done, you will also want to take into consideration that.

You will receive thorough post operative instructions to ensure you get the best results from your procedure.

You will be also given medications, such as anti-swelling, analgesic and antibiotic, following your hair replacement procedure.

Even though FUE is a minimally invasive hair restoration technique, you still have to expect a bit of redness which will occur both in the donor and the recipient area. In a couple of days all this redness will begin to decrease and disappear in few weeks depending on your skin color and healing process.

Hair Transplant Turkey Surgery Dr. Kayihan Sahinoglu
After Surgery | Dr. Kayihan Sahinoglu | Hair Transplant
There is usually no pain after the procedure, but you are expected to avoid touching on your recipient area during few days. Therefore, it is best to take it easy for the first couple of days after the procedure. You will also get special hair washing instructions and advice on shampooing for first 7-10 days in order to accelerate the healing process.

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