What is the advantage of the FUE transplantation compared to the strip technique?

The main advantage of FUE comes from the way in which the follicular units are extracted. The follicles are extracted one by one manually with millimetric instruments. Therefore, no visible scars are left in the scalp and this allows the patient to use short-cropped hairstyle. Additionally, there will be no stitches, bandages or pads and postoperative phase is almost painless.


Is it necessary to stay in a clinic overnight?

No. The procedure takes a day and you leave on the same day.


Are there any risks in FUE procedure?

Dr. Sahinoglu, uses local anesthesia. This allows patients to remain awake and alert, but feel no discomfort, during the procedure. The FUE procedure is minimally invasive and a very safe procedure under local anaesthetic.


Do I have to cut my hair short?

In the majority of cases we cut the hair short so that we gain the maximum quality grafts possible. It usually depends on the number of grafts required. The more it is required, the more probable you need a short haircut.


Am I a suitable candidate for FUE procedure?

We always suggest arranging a personal consultation to investigate several variables like your age, your type of hair loss and family history of hair loss. All these factors determine your overall suitability for treatment. In a general, if you are healthy and have a good donor area you are potentially a candidate for hair transplantation.


How long does it take to see the results?

After the hair transplantation, the hair will begin to shed at 3-6 weeks. Later it will take 2-4 months to start re-growing. Regrowth is expected to be at the halfway at around six month stage. The final result is achieved at 12-14 months. Every patient is different and the progress can vary.


Will the results of FUE procedure be natural?

The FUE hair transplant procedure requires both surgical skill and artistic flair and Dr. Sahinoglu has both of these to achieve the natural results. You can also check the former patients library to see the real results.


Is there a risk of rejection of the transplanted hair?

There is no such a risk, because the extracted hair is your own natural hair.


Will my hair look like a doll hair?

Doll hair look happens when the hair is implanted in straight lines, which is not the natural way of hair growth, and follicular units of 3 or more hairs are transplanted on the hairline. However, current techniques result in aesthetically satisfactory and natural looking.


Is the transplanted hair permanent or will I lose it in time?

The transplanted hair will come from zones that are not subject to the action of DHT (the hormone responsible for hair loss), thus you won’t lose them.

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